Don't Only Focus On The Tangible

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." -

My is more than tracking numbers and using reports.

You can't track, count and measure everything. Can you track laughter, happiness, friends, memories, or love on a spreadsheet?

What you focus on matters? Could you tell me three good things that happened last month? I bet you could tell me three things that need improved. What you focus on you get. What are you focused on? How did you determine what to focus on?

What do you want? Focus on that, not what you don't have or don't want.

From the book, Influencer, I learned the concept Positive and Experience. This book has influenced my coaching greatly. Pun intended.

"Positive deviance" is diving into the center of what you want to change, then discover and study settings where the targeted problem should exist but doesn't. Third, identify the unique behaviors of the group that succeeds. "Positive deviance" is focused on what behaviors work.

Do you practice "positive deviance"?

"Vicarious experience" is the experience gained from watching someone else's experience. Have you ever been shot? Why are you afraid of being shot then? When exposed to other people who are demonstrating a vital behavior, the subject will learn from the watching the successes and failures of the person they are observing. Therapists usually use "vicarious experience" to help cure phobias. Someone that is afraid of snakes will watch another person handling a snake.

How are you providing a "vicarious experience" for yourself? For your buyers, sellers? "Actual experience" is exactly what it sounds like. I feel that too many people try to learn and teach from "actual experience" and not "vicarious experience". That's like coaching a person with a snake phobia by saying, "No, go ahead and touch the snake, trust me. Trust me. Trust me."

I want to focus my time studying positive deviance with the top so that I can bring that understand to my coaching clients. I want to focus my time on uplifting and edifying the agents practicing "positive deviance". I want to focus my time inviting agents to join me in my coaching programs to have a "vicarious experience" of business development, presentations and coaching sessions.

What do you want?