Do You Have The Mindset Of A Small Business Or An Individual? - Productivity Nugget #147

"What you do is what matters, not what you think or say or plan." — Jason Fried

Obsessed With Jason Fried

I've always been intrigued by Jason Fried of 37Signals but over the last couple weeks have become obsessed with his insights and philosophy.

Jason has written a couple books and his company makes Project Management and Productivity Tools.

Do You Have A Small Business Mindset?

As I talk about in the video, caught my attention when he said his company builds products for the . A small will . A small business doesn't like free.

Free lacks support and security.

"I believe you, the agent, can determine your own destiny because you have a choice to either: 1. Practice real estate as a job 2. Run your as a business" - Gary Keller

A small business wants to know that the product and service they are using is going to be around and have service and support when they need it.

I see so many NOT acting like a small business. They are always looking for the FREE . The FREE real estate training. The FREE service.

I get it!

I've bootstrapped too and still do in many cases of my business. I run very lean, but I also invest in my business, myself and my clients.

  • I have invested in hard products like my MacBook and FlipCam.
  • I have invested in personal and business development by purchasing products and 1 to 1 consulting. I belong to a Coaching University, that I pay a monthly subscription for.
  • I have invested in software like ScreenFlow, Dictate and Scribe.
  • I pay for a product to help me optimize my online presence called ScribeSEO.
  • I pay for my CRM, ContactMe, plus I use the paid version of MailChimp.
  • I pay Amazon to host all my videos.
  • I pay a monthly fee to ZumoDrive to keep all my content backed up on the cloud.

I'm committed to my business. I know I have to invest in it because after all....

"You Get What You Pay For!"