Could You Pass A Marketing Exam? - Productivity Nugget #226


I was on on the phone with my niece the other day. She shared with me that she was studying for an exam in her  class.

She is at an "elite university" studying marketing, and was kinda stressed out about thisexam.

Maybe I could help her, right?

She started to ask me some questions...

My response was,

"Here is what you really need to know...You need to enter the conversation your targeted prospect is already having in their head."

"That's it, huh?" she asked.

"Yup!" I said.

"What about..." she started to ask questions with words and phrases that I didn't understand and had never heard before.

I told her that I guess she needed to study that stuff and understand what the "elite university" wanted her to understand, but...

Marketing comes down to entering the conversation your targeted prospect is already having in their head.

I don't feel the elite university and colleges and marketing gooroos and ex-perts  really get what "marketing" is about.

You don't have to worry about getting a good grade on a marketing exam though, you need to generate massive amounts of intererested prospects in your

You should be generating more than you can handle.

If you can create this problem in your business...

If you can create the problem of more leads than you can handle, you will have a lot less problems in your business.

Just as I can't help my niece pass an exam on marketing at an "elite university", I can't help you pass an exam either.


I can help you understand what marketing is really about and help you start to create that problem of more leads.

Let's Talk.