Conversion is EVERYTHING and it starts with Conversation - Productivity Nugget #006

In this Productivity Nugget I talk about why you don't need to spend money trying to increase your page views, visits, or hits. I know many online marketing experts and guru's are selling the magic pill or the latest ninja tactic. None of that matters though.

The honest truth is that the internet and social media is not some magical tool that will make your business survive and make a million dollars.

What matters is conversion. All the website traffic in the world doesn't matter without conversion. All the twitter followers in the world don't matter without conversion.

Conversion starts with conversation.

starts with listening, engagement and connection. You need to be interested. You need to provide value.

Stop worrying so much about your page views, views and hits. Get focused on having a conversation with the people that are currently visiting your website and with your current twitter followers.

If you focus on the people in your social networks and visiting your real estate website instead of the stats in your analytics you'll get your return on investment.