Consistent Focused Action - Productivity Nugget #119

“Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius.” - An Wang

Taking Consistent Focused Action

Do you remember my video about Don’t Be So Focused On The Event, True Success Comes From The Process?

I shared, events are celebrated. But an event is only successful because of the process. Stop being focused about the event and get focused on the process of building your .

After my UW Badgers lost in the NCAA tournament, I did a coaching video on The Importance Of Being Present, where I wrote about why get stuck, procrastinate or hit snooze too many times,

I don’t know if it’s about not thinking you have enough info or the right resources to start, or if  you are just to consumed with your vision that you don’t take .

What Prevents Consistent Focused Action?

Smokey The Bear Only you can prevent focused action. Only you.

How many distractions can you prevent?

Scott Stratten of says he knows that he can control 95% of the distractions in his day.

Do you prioritize the urgent over the important?

Taking care of the urgent can make you feel important. Its immediate gratification. It makes you feel accomplished, busy and productive, but does it really help you achieve the results you desire?

I have created a simple process called 7 Steps to Keeping Your Focus. If you would like to check that out...just fill out the contact form below and I will send it off to your email.