Are you stealing Underpants like the Underpants Gnomes?


In the ridiculous cartoon South Park, there is an episode featuring some Underpants Gnomes. The South Park boys are assigned to do a presentation on a current event in town.

Tweek, a highly caffeinated boy, suggests the presentation should be on the "Underpants Gnomes". These Underpants Gnomes are sneaking into his house and stealing his underpants.

The boys think he is crazy but agree to stay up, with the help of some coffee, to see if these Underpants Gnomes are real.

The boys discover that these Underpants Gnomes are in fact real. And they want to know why they are stealing underpants.

The Gnomes say because they are building a business...

When the boys ask what their business is going to do with all the underpants... the Gnome responds... "Getting the underpants is just Phase 1."

When asked what Phase 2 is the Gnome has no answer.

He calls to his fellow Gnomes, "What is Phase 2?"

The other Underpants Gnomes are stumped... but they respond with "Phase 3 is profit, get it?"

The Gnome then shows the South Park boys the business model on a large display.

And it clearly shows...

  • Phase 1 - Collect Underpants
  • Phase 2 - ?
  • Phase 3 - Profit

None of the Gnomes have any clarity on exactly what Phase 2 is... so they just keep collecting underpants... hoping the profit shows up.

Does your business model look like the Underpants Gnome's business model?

.... Do you know WHY you are doing what you are doing?

.... Do you know WHY you have a Facebook Page?

.... Do you know WHY you have a website?

.... Do you know WHY you are writing that blog post, making that video?

.... Do you know WHY you joined that new cool web 2.0 website, or signed up for that new automated service?

.... Do you know WHY you joined that free webinar or downloaded that free PDF?

Do you know what the Phase 2 of what you are doing is?

Or are you just collecting underpants... hoping the profit shows up?

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

-- Darin Persinger