Real Estate Leverage and Scale Guide By Darin Persinger


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How To Add Leverage And Scale Your Real Estate Career Without Trying To Grow A Huge Team And Have Tons Of Expenses



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A) Do you look at people like transactions?

B) Or do you view yourself assisting in their transition?

A) Are you too busy calculating your commission before it’s closed?

B) Or are you being proactive, preventing hiccups and roadblocks in the transaction before the happen?

A) Do you put value in the number of homes sold?

B) Or do you look at value as something you provide?

If you answered ‘B’ keep reading…

Here’s what is inside this guide:

✅ The reason real estate agents get stuck in a ‘Production Pickle’ (And what a ‘Production Pickle’ exactly is)

✅ 3 Major reasons real estate agents aren’t able to have a breakthrough

The problem of getting marketing and sales tactics from Mortgage Lenders and Title Reps

✅ The lasting impression lessons I learned from running newspaper ads in 1997

The obvious, but overlooked difference between real estate and Coca-Cola and McDonald’s fries

✅ What the math formula PEMDAS has to do with real estate agents being able to successfully leverage and scale in your real estate career

✅ 2 Reasons why it’s Okay to be stuck

✅ 3 Specific Strategies, To Leverage, Scale And Take Control Of Your Real Estate Career

✅ The ClientPath philosophy of what’s needed before real estate agents ever dare think about doing paid promotion (or else it's basically guaranteed to fail or be SUPER expensive)

What to do with real estate industry people to get better results from content marketing

✅ 2 of the most powerful tools of marketing to leverage online

5 Content Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make With Their Paid Promotion

✅ Why many in the general public would think real estate agents can’t be trusted, aren’t worth the cost and make too much money

✅ Why it’s better spending $5 a day on Facebook ads instead of $1000 a month

✅ 5 levels of Market Sophistication from genius Mad Men style 1960’s ad man

A method of marketing we developed called C___________F___ so we’re not violating the Zuck’s Personal Attributes Policy

✅ Why if you keep using Swipe, Fill-In-The-Blank Facebook ads templates that are being promoted everywhere, ad success will always be random, lead conversion harder and you’ll get cost creep. 

What our objective is instead of a bunch of cheap leads (which are really easy to generate)

✅ Why ‘Speed to Lead’ is overrated.

✅ How to know when to Bail or when to Scale on our ads

✅ A simple tool that will help you identify if something is wrong on your website with pixels and conversions

✅ Why you don’t want to increase your budget more than this amount

Plus, there’s this, too:

How to create positioning and being in proximity by keeping in touch with the leads and audience you’ve already created.  

And I’m not just suggesting retargeting on Facebook. You should be using tools like A_____ or P______ A_______ to retarget outside of Facebook also.

Leverage And Scale Your Real Estate Career

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