Your Real Estate Career

✅ We lead generate and market with you.
✅ We keep in touch with your sphere and past clients with you.
✅ We do video creation, marketing and paid advertising of your listings with you.
✅ We create strategy and systems with you.   
✅ We lead nurture and do email marketing with you. 

Persinger Group... WITH You.




Experience has shown us that we all put limits on our thoughts, beliefs and what we can truly accomplish.

At Persinger Group we believe that Thinking Big isn't enough. Anyone can Think Big.

You have to Think Bigger.

Thinking Bigger allows you to see the true potential for yourself, your career, your family and your clients



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Most real estate teams are chasing leads online.

They have built a process to capture leads on a website and then expect the buyer's agents to operate as telemarketers and "convert" these leads.

One of the things you're really going to love about our Referrals First approach is not chasing prospects, not having to deal with rejection and getting to work with clients that truly respect you, your time and your advice.


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To get those who know you to see you as who you are becoming, not who were is Market Leadership.

Also getting others who don't know you, but would make amazing clietns to have top-of-mind awareness of you, to see your expertise and become the Approachable Resource™ in their eyes.

Knowing what you need to do, commitment to doing those things and demonstrating expertise creates Market Leadership. 


systems are greater than motivation, persinger group realtors

It’s easy to get motivated. It’s hard to stay motivated.

That’s why systems matter.

The sooner you can start operating your business, your schedule and your transactions from systems, the sooner you’ll be able to reduce your stress, get back valuable time, peace-of-mind, and make your income more consistent and predictable.

"You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good." – Jerry West


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The world, people and the platforms on how people get information, connect and communicate have changed... yet most sales training has not.

At Persinger Group we don't believe in sales scripts.

The fact that there are more online leads than actual transactions means many agents are getting the same leads. This fact that many agents are getting the same leads means people are hearing the same scripts from many different agents.

It's easy to see why it's getting harder to convert online leads when you realize this, isn't it?

People want to be compelled to take action but resist being convinced or coerced to do something. At Persinger Group we believe lead generation is telling our stories and lead conversion is getting people to tell us theirs.


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If you only measure one KPI in Real Estate Sales, it should be Number of Listings Taken.

When you have listings you can use Persinger Group marketing & paid advertising to get home buyers. And a Sold Listing gives you the Social Proof to market for more Listings.

When you Lead with Listings, listings will lead to leads.

Doesn't it make sense for everyone on a team to focus on listings, instead of a select few?

Why have Listing Specialists vs Buyer Specialists?

And what do Buyers ultimately care about? 

The listing. 

It's all about listings.


relational vs transactional, persinger group careers

If you find yourself thinking about: how do I generate more leads, how do I set more appointments, how do I convert more, how do I get my transactions from 100 to 200, you’re in the quantity-based, transactional category. Keep doing what works for you.

However, if you’re waking up in the morning thinking to yourself: how do I take care of these buyers, how do I make sure that they don’t get stressed out, how do I make sure this is a smooth transaction, how do I solve their problems for them…

And you’re putting your clients in front of even where your next closing come from, are you going to generate any leads today, are you going to follow-up with anyone from your sphere, are you going to set any appointments...

Or are you completely focused on just taking care of the client that you have at hand, then you’re a quality-based, relational agent. You have the servant’s heart, a servant mentality of taking care of people.

And that's the kind of agent we want to work with at Persinger Group.



Persinger Group operates more as a basketball team than a football team.

Everyone on a basketball team has to be able to pass, dribble and shoot. That’s how we believe the best real estate teams should operate also.

To serve clients the best, real estate agents can’t be locked into a role or a position like a football player. They have to be able to be fluid and do what the client needs. 

The most difficult thing of any real estate transaction, or any relationship for that matter, is trust. 

Why develop trust with someone to only hand them off to another "specialist"?

According to NAR, Realtors succeeding at the highest level, Repeat & Referral business accounts for over 60% of their business.

We believe in being experts in the market, community and transaction.

When it really comes down to it, what is more valuable to a real estate client:

A) Your ability to convert an internet lead?


B) Your knowledge of the local market? Knowing the best place to get a cup of coffee? What park has kiddy bucket swings? How to assess the health of an HOA? Having a great network of vendors and professionals?

If you picked B...

And want to learn more about what it means to be on a Referrals First real estate team...


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Relationships First (Family, Friends, then Financial)

Empathetic, Seek To Understand, persinger group values.jpg

Empathetic, Seek To Understand

AI -Always Improving (Learning Based + Invests In Self).jpg

AI -Always Improving

(Learning Based + Invests In Self)

Is Grateful For The Good.jpg

Grateful For The Good

Empathetic, Seek To Understand

Solutions + Results Focused

Takes Action -Starts where you can start.jpg

Takes Action

(Starts where you can start)

Has Pride In Doing and Accomplishing.jpg

Pride In Doing and Accomplishing

Productive and Consistent, In Everything.jpg

Productive and Consistent, In Everything

Productive and Consistent, In Everything.jpg

Sets the Bar High, then Exceeds

Gets help with Blind-Spots .jpg

Seeks Accountability

Gets help with Blind-Spots