You're Not Succeeding In Sales & Business Because Of This...

Not succeeding in Sales and BusinessI had an interesting conversation with one of my 1 to 1 coaching clients today... We talked about how he felt like he wasn't being himself... professionally or personally.

He felt that through training courses and watching other agents around him that he had stopped acting like himself and was trying to be something, someone he wasn't.

And this was causing him unhappiness... not getting to be himself.

I shared with him how I had experienced the same thing at one point.

I was involved in a company that hired me partly because of my "personality". (they had me take a test and everything)

And immediately after hiring me for my personality, they started to train my personality right out of me.

I was told to behave this way in appointments... and to do this and don't do that... ask these questions.... don't talk about this... be this way and don't be that way.

It actually paralyzed me and stressed me out...

... Trying to learn to be someone I wasn't. 

Now don't get me wrong... there is nothing wrong in enhancing and optimizing your skill. There is nothing wrong with being the best version of you.

But that's not what I allowed to happen to me. And I say allow, because I'm ultimately responsible for it.

It was nobody's fault but mine. 

I allowed this training to strip me of my personality. My personality in it's natural state is what people would call big. I like to be an entertainer. I like being the center of attention. I love telling stories and making people laugh.

This all went away for a few years.

I actually thought, because of the training I was going through, there was something wrong with me.

It changed me professionally and personally.

I actually became more withdrawn in social situations.

To be completely candid with you, there is still some of this training stuck inside me I'm trying to shake. But I'm more myself now then I was 7-8 years a go.

I like to joke. Be silly. I have a dry sense of humor. I'm sarcastic. I have a crazy loud laugh. That's me.

I like socializing again. I'm back to being my natural "sales" style... being a storyteller. (could you tell by my emails that I'm a storyteller? That is a lifetime of training I picked up from my Dad.)

This is what I talked with my client about today. And I shared with him that I made a video about this topic about a year ago.

It has to do with bringing your God-given abilities to what you do... or what I call your X-factor. Don't let me or anyone train or coach you out of that.

The greatest USP you have going for you is you. If you're the best version of you, you have no competition.

Here is the video... watch it here

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- Darin Persinger