Key Performance Indicators In Real Estate: The 2 Metrics Aaron Rodgers Focuses On

What Numbers Are You Focused On In Your Business

I was reading an article on

It reminded me of what I'm sharing with my clients and Members of PJ's Monthly about numbers, metrics and Key .

'After one of this spring’s practices, wide receiver was asked by a reporter which two statistics he thinks matter the most to his quarterback, .

Nelson’s first thought was interceptions.

No surprise there. has made it clear time and time again how much he loathes throwing the ball to the other team, and with just 32 interceptions in 2,070 pass attempts over the past four regular seasons, Rodgers’ minuscule 1.55 interception percentage ranks first in the league from 2009-12. Only , at 1.61, is even close to him.

Nelson’s second choice, however, wasn’t the expected touchdowns or passer rating or yards.

It was completion percentage.

The way Nelson explained it, the two key stats go hand in hand. “The rest comes with it,” Nelson said.

“If you don’t turn the ball over, you get more opportunities. If your completion percentage is high, that means as receivers we’re doing our job, he’s putting the ball in the right spots, and again, it allows you to get more opportunities.

The more opportunities you get, the more yards you get and the more touchdowns you’ll get, so I think it all starts with those two.”'


It's all about opportunities.

Rodgers isn't focused on touchdowns or yards.

Those are what I call Lag Indicators. Lag Indicators only show up after you've done something.

In sales, that would be your Listings Taken or Closings.

Rodgers is more focused on interceptions and completion percentage, because as Jordy Nelson said, "“The rest comes with it."

I call these . Lead Indicators lead up to the result.

Lead Indicators = Cause

Lag Indicators - Effect

So many people in sales and business are focused on the Effect, the Lag Indicators.

But you're smart and realize that you actually have no control over these. You can only control the Lead Indicators.  And if you get the right results with your Lead Indicators... the "the rest comes with it.”

How It Correlates 

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"For his career, Rodgers has completed 65.7 percent of his passes, which ranks first in NFL history (just ahead of Drew Brees) among quarterbacks with at least 2,500 regular-season passing attempts.

As a starter, his single-season low is 63.6, while his high is 68.3, a franchise record he set in his 2011 MVP year.

In games Rodgers has completed 70 percent or more of his passes, the Packers are 26-4 (.867), but when Rodgers completes less than 60 percent of his passes, the Packers are just 7-13 (.350)."

The 10/20 Rule

It's interesting to me that Rodgers focuses on just two numbers and they are Lead Indicators.

10/20 is two numbers and both are Lead Indicators, because "the rest comes with it."

These are the Key Performance Indicators in . Or should be.

I wrote extensively about the 10/20 Rule and even included a tracking form for the members of a coaching program I had and Persinger Group associates.

You won't find this info any where online.

I've never done a video or blog about these 2 metrics.

If you want access to the 10/20 Rule, how to use it and the tracking form...

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  • Stay Productive
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  • Be Consistent

- Darin Persinger