What Do You Say To A Trick Or Treater Wearing A Ninja Costume?

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to a or that is dressed up like a or a ?

How is your job in working out?



Giving credit where credit is due, I was inspired to write this joke because of this tweet last night.

"@hyku: I'm asking every kid in a ninja costume if they work in social media, so far 0 for 30"

When I get licensed in 1997, there was a bunch of companies, some are still around, that charged obscene amounts of money to create a logo, letterhead, envelopes, postcards and for .

I witnessed agents paying $15,000 and upto $30,000 for this service.

And we're not even talking about printing costs. This was just the cost of the service to help "BRAND" the agent.

The reason this worked as I was told, "Agents are easy to sell this stuff to because they have such huge 's. Just tell them it's all about them, which they are already thinking, and charge them a premium price."

I thought this style of service would be dead by now because...

1. There is not as much disposable revenue sitting around today 2. You as an agent realized it is not about you and your ego

The New EGO Sell

This type of marketing and vendor has not disappeared though!

It's been replaced by the the

  • Become a NINJA Marketing
  • How to be a social media Rockstar
  • The way to being your Hyperlocal GOOROO

See, it hasn't really changed that much. This is still about EGO Marketing.

Vendors, Trainers, Coaches, selling you stuff, making you believe it's all about YOU.

If you believe that or want to believe that...more power to you. I'm not the person to be getting information, ideas and strategy from then.

Become an Approachable Resource

To me, it's about being a resource, not an expert or ninja or rockstar or gooroo.

And...being approachable.

The reality is being a rockstar authority expert ninja does you no good if people don’t feel you are approachable. Being a celebrity anything does you no good if people don’t feel you are credible.

Don't buy into EGO Marketing.

It's the same stuff that was being sold 15 years ago, its just packaged different now.

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