6 Reasons You Are Not Getting More Referrals From Your Sphere


Not getting enough ? A big part of making an in , for many is being able to get referrals from your .

If you are not

You might be wondering what's wrong with these people?

Well here is 6 reasons you might not be getting any referrals...

1. Your real estate sphere doesn’t understand what you do.

This is the most common reason I’ve seen with during my time of working with agents either as a Broker/Manager, Trainer or Coach. Does your real estate sphere REALLY know what you do and how you do it? I see real estate agents marketing that they specialize in commercial, residential, investment, land, condo, duplex, etc.

It’s hard to specialize in everything and it also confuses your sphere.

They don’t know how to explain to their family, friends, coworkers what you do and how you could help them…so they don’t even try.

2. You don’t think you should have to ask your real estate sphere for referrals.

Maybe you think that your past clients will just automatically think to recommend your services to others because you did such an awesome job…

Not gonna happen.

“Studies have shown that customer satisfaction does not equate with continued sales.” – Jill Griffin, author of Customer Loyalty

You have to take ownership of your business and ask your real estate sphere of influence for referrals. It’s not their job. It’s your job.

3. Your sphere of influence doesn’t feel important.

People like to feel that they are part of an exclusive club.

Inside this exclusive club people can feel important, like an insider.

As an insider, you have more prestige to invite others to join the club.

What are you doing to create an exclusive club for your sphere and past clients? Making your past clients feel more like friends than prospects or leads will actually help you generate more business, but also be more fun.

4. You aren’t thanking people for referrals. 

Gratitude and acknowledgment can go a long way. A simple thank you is powerful.

Do you have system in place that when someone recommends you or sends you a referral, you follow up with a thank you? Taking the time to say thank you will make you sphere feel their efforts are appreciated, which will keep them engaged and motivated to continue to recommend you.

5. You don’t actively engage in networking activities.

Are you engaging in online and offline social networks? You could be using facebook to get more referrals from your sphere but also other real estate agents from around the world.

Look at some local business networking opportunities and groups like Kiwanis, Lions Club and Rotary.

But also look to join some groups that revolve around your passions and hobbies. Look at Meetup.com to find these groups.

Build relationships and meet more people. The more people you know… the more opportunity you have to earn referrals.

6. You don't have your database segmented correctly

You can't just have a database of "everyone" or "mets".

I show associates of Persinger Group how to specifically and precisely segment their database to maximize the opportunity for referrals.

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin Persinger