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 The Architect + Blocks Method

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How to get a firm foundation, consistency, and connect all the dots, 



I want to introduce you to the The ARCHITECT + BLOCKS Method™ from the Persinger Group ClientPath™ Program, so you can quickly create Market Leadership and have a Referrals First career, to create a domino effect of growth in your business, generating more appointments, not chasing leads, and having more closings. 

In the ever changing landscape of business, marketing and technology today, The Blocks Method™ is not a Magic Pill or Shiny Object for the desperate, or the get rich quick crowd. 


frustrated by lack of results in real estate

[+] If you feel like you are guessing, theorizing and wasting precious hours of your valuable time…

[+] If you keep hearing conflicting ideas and you're not sure who to trust or what to do... 

[+] If you're currently only working "part-time" in real estate... or worried about not making enough money and having to "get a real job"...

[+] If you are frustrated by not getting the results you deserve, from the effort you put in…

[+] If you feel lost, waking up in the morning and wondering what to do with your day… disappointed that the time you’ve spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging is not bringing in the leads you were told it would…

Now is the time to get real about getting real results.

Let me guess, you've tried:

overwhelmed with what works in real estate sales, lead generation
  • Showing up to "webinars" that are just pre-recorded sales pitches.

  • Seeing if this new "Guru" showing up in your Facebook newsfeed has the magic bullet.

  • Downloading pre-written swipe files for emails or ads.

  • Joining and posting inside every FB group you can join.

  • Buying expensive courses that only "solve" one part of the problem. And they try to sell you other JV/affiliated courses.

  • Working all hours of the night on your website platform to build out neighborhood pages.

  • Listening to every podcast you can find.

  • Hiring people or agencies that over promise and severely under deliver.

  • Maybe you've tried - video, blogging, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, podcasting, direct mail and offering Lead magnets and Tripwires. (How's that working?)

I Bet You're Being Told:

  • Call your sphere and ask "Who do you know who..." (Can you make 100 contacts a week?)

  • Call Expireds - if you can find any in this EXTREME Seller's market.

  • Door knock (I always enjoy when people knock on my door just after I get my baby to sleep and now the dog is barking like crazy. Really puts me in the buying mood.)

  • Hold open houses (At least you have a smart phone now-a-days to keep entertained for three hours of sitting around. And the few people that show up tell you, "I already have an agent."

Or if you're on a team, you just feel like a glorified, unpaid tele-marketer. Sure, you're being given leads, but in reality you're calling people who didn't ask to be called and aren't ready to talk.


Let’s start with what will get in the way... THE ROADBLOCKS. 


ROADBLOCKS HEader Image.png


Maybe you are overwhelmed and struggle to focus because today’s world is full of distractions, technology can be disorientating, your calendar and to-do list has become cluttered and you’re frustrated you can’t take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.


A big roadblock that stops people from achieving successful results is negative environment they are in.

They are surrounded by people that complain, whine, and doubt. It’s difficult to achieve great success in an environment like that.


One of the core foundational pieces of any successful real estate business is being able to get referrals from your sphere of influence (SOI) and database.


It's hard to succeed with limiting beliefs, self-doubts and negative thinking. 


To reach the next level in your career and get a consistent income in your business and to move to the Next Level, you need to do consistent activities.


There is a certain cost to doing business and to take your business to the next level will involve investments in yourself and in your business...

But it’s critical you are not wasting your money.


As Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law Of Motion states, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Which means when you set out to start... there is a force in the universe that resists against you.

The bigger the goal and the more you want to achieve... the bigger the force of resistance.


If you're struggling with time, can't get "everything" done, wish you could "clone yourself," doing work when you should be present with your family/friends...

Then this is a MUST WATCH.


Do you know why you're doing the activities you are doing?

Do you have plan? A strategy to implement?


Leads - Some people don't have enough... some gots too many...



It starts here, with your mindset.


Audience > Database


If you want 5 Star Prospects and to get 5 Star Reviews, make sure you have a 5 Star Offer and give 5 Star Service.


Level out your business, so you don’t have peaks and valleys.


To take action people need enough reasons or powerful enough reasons to do what they are thinking about doing.


This creates massive Market Leadership. Takes time to get, can lose it quickly.

The 3 Types Of Agents We Can Help.jpg

The 3 Types Of Agents Persinger Group Can Best Help

(Right now, we don’t have a way to serve the brand new, never closed a transaction, agent. We might in the future, but not at this time. *Some exceptions may apply.)


Those wanting to follow a proven system and have guidance by somebody who has actually done it.

Doesn't have or want to risk money and time on figuring out what works.


Those wanting to generate more leads, referrals, business. 

Looking for a more consistent business, a way to level out production.


Those who are completely focused taking care of the client at hand, a quality-based, relational agent, even when that means they're not sure where the next closing is coming from



feeling alone in the real estate industry.jpg

It can feel like you're on an island by yourself in this industry.

The ups and downs of this industry are magnified when you try to make your own path. 

By using the Blocks Method™, ClientPath™ and working with Persinger Group you'll have the support you need to truly transform and grow your business. 

We've got your back.



“18 months ago I said the dumbest thing in the world to Darin. I said I have too many leads to handle. Now, I run a team of over 20 agents and we are still growing. We have written 164 offers in last 3 weeks. Where would I be without him? Likely still showing every night, every weekend and not enjoying my family. I thank God for my big mouth and for coaching with Darin.”

Darin is a KICK ASS coach, motivator and a genius.

Yes, he has a mind that is incredible.

I feel that Darin is vested in my success both personally and professionally. He is a dear friend and I am excited we are now partners.

- Lisa Archer
CEO/Broker at Live Love Homes



"I have been working with Darin for 10 weeks now, I was looking for a way to take my business to another level going into my second full year of real estate. I closed 32 deals last year and so far with the help, guidance and motivation I am on pace to double my transactions. The most exciting part about working with Darin is I am able to increase my production without adding hours to my week, Darin has taught me how to leverage my time and use it more efficiently. If you are serious about taking your real estate career to a new level, it is a MUST to start working with Darin Persinger as soon as you possibly can." - Ryan Shields


“Since coaching with Darin, I got refocused and reconnected to my sphere. In the last 40 days I have made $53,000. Just took two new listings and I’m having fun again in business.” – Kris Cantrell

"In only 8 weeks, I've increased my bottom line by 27%." - Jonathan Rivera, The Podcast Factory

"Of the 20 years I've spent in real estate, I've never received the type of training and coaching that truly engages my clients in the way that creates results I was looking for. Darin's strategies are simple, powerful, inexpensive & most of all, productive beyond my expectations." - Stacey McVey

"When I started, I had only 4 deals closed for the entire year. Since starting to work with Darin, I have added 3 listings, wrote 7 offers and will have closed 3 deals." - Rich Ganim


I am the owner of a very young company that was growing faster than I was ready for. I had a head FULL of wonderful ideas and I had a vision. I found myself not being able to accomplish many of my goals, due to the lack of focus. I was jumping from one project to another, while completing none of them. I WAS the shiny object chaser. Thanks to Darin, I don't see shiny objects any longer...I have my eye on the one thing that counts...what works for me and what is best for MY company. I made the commitment to coaching the moment I knew I could trust Darin. I felt like I needed someone that had been in the trenches and continued to educate themselves. I found all of that in Darin. - Elizabeth Cooper-Golden

What's Next Blocks Method.png

[What's Next?]

If you want to explore utilizing the BLOCKS Methods™, and implementing ClientPath™ with the help of Darin Persinger and team…

...then apply here for a short phone call, to see if it would be the right fit for you.

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about darin persinger

Darin Persinger got his real estate license in 1997, but that wasn't his start in the real estate industry.  

In high school he started a yard sign business for Realtors.

 In real estate sales he quickly became the office Top Producer and eventually the #1 Producer in the area, including being a Quality Service Award winner. By age 23, he was the managing broker for three real estate offices. With sales skills, leadership skills and passion he quickly turned the offices into the most profitable in the company. 

Other brokers quickly took notice of his ability to get results and started asking for tips, secrets and help. Along with that came a new job offer to become the CEO of a larger brokerage in Madison, WI. This is where he truly started to learn the importance of strategy and marketing and not just success through brute force. At age 29, I was offered a new, bigger opportunity to turn around a struggling real estate brokerage in the greater Seattle area.

Next, he became a highly sought after speaker in the real estate industry. Speaking 40+ times a year around North America, to crowds as large as 9,000 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, and speaking on the same stages as bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk, internet marketer Brian Clark, TV Personality - Mauricio Umansky and influencers like Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

His podcast for real estate agents was a top-rated iTunes show with over 190 episodes. He also had a popular YouTube channel for Realtors with over 250 videos. 

His email list has over 4,500 subscribers. His Facebook page has over 3,000 LIKES.

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If you feel that real estate should be more about the relationship and not trying to do the most transactions...

If you want to be in an environment where sales is not about you and being "salesy" - it is about them, finding out what they want and helping them get it...

Then the Most Productive Real Estate Agents group is for you.